Life Goals
  1. Lose at least 30 pounds.
  2. Convert a large chunk of my diet to vegan/vegetarianism, again (I stopped roughly ten years ago) — while still eating a good steak or burger now and then.
  3. Quit smoking…. sometime.
  4. Continue to learn how to better deal with the constant stress in my family life.
  5. Do/Fix all the things that Jenny and I talked about, while creating a Honey-do, list.
  6. Get all bills and arears, from the year long mortgage crisis, caught up and current.


  1. Finish editing that Ezra Pound chapbook. (First thing I do this year)
  2. Edit my novella quartet and send it Skullvines (Second thing I do this year).
  3. Write a non-fiction book about poetry.
  4. Write another book length poem.
  5. Write a bizarro novella about WalMart.
  6. Stop talking in public about the things I’m “currently” writing.
  7. Answer email in a more timely fashion.
  8. Blog a little more consistently, now that I can’t blame WalMart for anything….