• Wood Life finally came out.
  • Some really dumb shit happened that I will not further comment on, involving some emotionally unstable people.
  • Death in Common became a Belfire Book.
  • Needfire was created over at Belfire.
  • I wrote Four Murders on my lunch breaks at WalMart.
  • Merchant’s Keep published Four Murders.
  • I finally was able to leave WalMart for lucrative self-employment (mostly involving writing about cars).
  • My home loan finally got modified for good (as of last week), after countless foreclosure threats from two separate banks, plus a year of non-stop turmoil and false promises by one of the institutions in question.
  • My mother has survived now close to three years with inoperable cancers (yes, that is plural, not a typo), largely due to experimental treatment at Sloan Kettering. However, that is all I’m going to say about that issue.

All in all, not a bad year. Not great by any stretch, but I have experienced worse.