I detest drama and public bickering, but given that I co-founded Bandersnatch Books, I feel the need to make the following statement:

A week or so ago, Scott Colbert announced on the Bandersnatch Books website that he was temporarily stepping down from co-publishing, so that he could focus on regaining his health after a recent hospitalization.  I began bringing in some people to help with laying books out and clearing out the back log.  Basically, I began to find people I could delegate work to, instead of doing it all myself.  On May 18, 2010, at 12:59am, I received an email from Mr. Colbert informing me that he had changed all the passwords to Bandersnatch accounts in his name.  He also informed me that I was not allowed to work on anything related to Bandersnatch Books, and that I had to cease and desist from working on the Bandersnatch Books website.  Basically, he asserted that he actually owned the company and was firing me.  This, of course, was counter to our initial agreement of many months ago, where we were “co-publishers” and “partners.”  Several emails later, at 1:47am, he offered me a job editing poetry books.  I emphatically declined.

Mr. Colbert makes several allegations on his blog regarding me and what impelled him to his actions.  While I now could offer a very vigorous rebuttal with counter points, I will not do so.  What has been done cannot be undone.  A tolling bell, as a saying goes, cannot be un-rung.    Further argument and acrimony will not change anything, so it would be a futile waste of time and effort. So, now, I am simply publically dissassociating myself from Scott Colbert, whatever team he is putting together, and Bandersnatch Books in totality.  It should be noted that this statement has no baring on any writer conducting business with Mr. Colbert.  It is not a judgement of any writer engaged with Colbert or Bandersnatch Books, and it should not be construed as such.  I have nothing more to publically say on what happened, for the time being.

As for the contributors to Death In Common, apologies are sincerely extended, as the book is again leaving a publisher while on the cusp of final publication.  Rest assured, talks are already underway regarding placing it and The Pound poetry project at a different press.  I’ll be forthcoming with the details once  papers are signed and the new deal is official.