Recently, a copy of Shonen Jump appeared in my Tire Lube Express’s waiting room.  I was kind of relieved, because it was a welcome change of pace from the gun, muscle, and car magazines Wal+Mart customers find available to them, while passing time as their tires get rotated and their oil gets drained and changed.    Not to get too grotesque, but muscle, gun, and car magazines do not make for good poop reading.  Sorry, but that’s just not me or my interests.  And, somebody either stole my recent copy of the American Poetry Review or threw it out — which I had left in the Wal^Mart TLE’s shitter so that I would have decent poop reading.

Enough about me excreting.  On to Shonen Jump.  As the title of this blog entry clearly states, I don’t hate manga.  There’s enough of it that I’ve enjoyed over the years — Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Appleseed, and Ninja Scroll are all good examples.   But, there’s just something about Shonen Jump that I didn’t like from the get go.

  • I feel like an old fogey, but fuck me, I’m not going to read a comic book from right to left.    Maybe it’s because I tried reading it while on shift at Wal*Mart?  I don’t know.
  • Also, some of the stories are just…just… stupid.  There, I said it.  Torriko comes to mind — the adventures of a muscular over-eater who wrestles animals and monsters, so that he can sell their meat to a gourmet market?
  • But then again, Viz Media are the same wonderful people who inflicted Pokemon on all of us, so why should I be surprised by half baked story/concept ideas?
  • I would feel annoyed reading Shonen Jump from left to right, why would I want to be further annoyed by reading it from right to left

To sum up:  reading Shonen Jump made me want to toss it aside in favor of one of the car magazines.  At least, that way, I might actually learn something about the products I’m supposed to sell, anyway.