This post has nothing to do with the recently passed healthcare fixes in the House of Representatives.  However, having spent a lot of time around the US Military, one thing I do know is that the federal governement attracts really talented doctors — and they attract absolute quacks who don’t know shit.  The joke is this: a man goes to a Naval hospital with a broken leg.  The Navy doctor doesn’t look at the leg, but perscribes the patient with ear drops.

Well, it shouldn’t surprise me that that sort of lunacy is not confined to the federal government, but also that of the private sector.  (So, to conservatives everywhere, the privatized solution is never a pancea).  Today, I went to a walk in clinic complaining of neck problems; I lift a lot of boxes at work, so muscle problems could have occupational implications.  The doctor checked my blood pressure and wanted to order tests for how my kidney is doing.   Hardly ever even looked at my neck or shoulder.  Turns out, this is the same walk-in clinic that treated my wife a year or two ago, when she had a very bad, bubbling rash that went all the way up her arm.  Did the guy take a skin biopsy?  No.  He wanted to test her blood for diabeties.   Anyhow, getting back to today.  I left the doctor’s office with a scrip for lowering blood pressure.  There was hardly any talk of the symptoms I walked in with.  Now, I think I’m never going to go back to that clinic.