I normally like to keep talk of my personal life to a minimum, and usually around travel.   However, the past couple of weeks have just been weird.

  • fluctuations in ADHD.
  • getting sick while my wife was out of town (So, 4 days alone…and I slept most of them).
  • my mother’s been in the hospital again.
  • and for the past two days, a dull, persistant neck and arm pain.  Now, that may not seem like a big deal, but consider that beyond my “Department Manager” job description at WallyMart, most of what I do is lift boxes — thus, making the idea of going to work 8 hours of tedious pain.

So, I’m a  bit behind on catching up a few things.  As this relates to Bandersnatch —

  • Wrath James White’s book is horribly behind schedule, mostly due to cover wrangling with a graphic that keeps printing out dark.
  • Death In Common — still trying to get the contributors paid off.
  • T.M. Wright’s The Island needs a few tweaks, but will be done soon.
  • I still have some contracts left to write.
  • The Bandersnatch WordPress blog really needs updating.
  • We’ve been having problems with our third party payment processor on the site.

In short, there have been the regular sorts of pains of starting up an enterprise.  My attention getting strained by the first set of bullet points hasn’t helped matters.  But, these things will get fixed.  There’s not much of a choice in that.