Normally, I wouldn’t be caught dead hawking somebody’s Lulu storefront.  Perhaps that’s my time around genre fiction talking — Lulu being the absolute kiss of death and the absolute garuntee that nobody will ever take you seriously.  But then again, it’s not everyday that a poet like Bill Knott stops by your blog and leaves two comments, and Knott has always been an advocate of self publishing, even down to doing photocopy editions of his work.

In short, I’ll make an exception for Knott, especially since the published editions of his books are mostly out of print.  The great thing, however, is that you can either buy these Lulu editions at dirt cheap prices, or at least download the PDF’s for free and read them.  Thus far, I recommend the Sonnet book, the tanka one, and collected short poems.  Of course, they’re all likely worthwhile, although I haven’t read them, and cannot vouch for them.