So, the process detailed in the previous post yielded this strange result:

Despite the slap.
I hope. They will see.
They will see. They say he is not within.

I know I may be female -.
Prime, a good chair, my Taylor.
I hope. They will see.

They will see it and North nadhari.
My past and my weaknesses.
Done, my good chair rocks.

These are part of many of my fears -.
Children to be ruthlessly cold.
In the old and weak to me the difference.

I, O can only try and if I try.
And leaves you down and sunk.
Children will not forgive just as much cool:.

He loves me but my life took.
Despite the slap.
I cut more than tools.
North and within it do not know.


So, here goes again.  Instead of posting every single “translation” I’m using to filter the language, I’ll just list the languages and the order:

  1. Russian
  2. Arabic
  3. Irish (Gaelic)
  4. Filipino
  5. Norwegian
  6. Korean

And here’s the “back to english” translation:

How to proceed.
I hope so. We’ll see.
We’ll see. That’s not me.

Can I be a girl -.
A good Prime Minister in the chair, my Taylor.
I hope so. We’ll see.

We see that North Korea nadhari.
My past and my weaknesses.
, Good in my seat like a stone.

I fear that many of these tools, -.
Children relentlessly sad.
Age difference between me weak.

If I try one I did.
And I’ve always been missing.
Children are just a great excuse following:.

He loves me, but I took away my life.
How to proceed.
I cut it almost all the tools.
North Korea, he did not know


The “writing” point of all this is such:  You’re never going to get a whole poem out of doing this.  You are, however, going to stumble across some startling language, maybe even some pairings or some lines that you can retool and spin off into a different poem all together.