Just a few slots left on this one.

These Apparitions: Haunted Reflections of Ezra Pound

These Apparitions intends to use the ages old practice of writing “variations,” and in this case, on Ezra Pound’s infamous little poem:

In The Station of the Metro

These apparitions of faces in crowd;
petals on a wet black bough

So, who are these faces in the crowd?

While, technically, the works of Seth Grahame-Smith are acts of variant literature, this project bares no resemblance to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and the imitations it has inspired.  Prospective poets are not being asked to rewrite or edit Pound’s original and share a subsequent byline with him.  Rather, interested poets are asked to write something 100% original that touches the spirit of the original poem, albeit in a haunted/ghostly context.  And to that end, remember, the keyword in the title is “apparition.”

Issues of Form

Pound wrote this poem during the Imagist phase of his writing career, so the poems should themselves reflect an imagist aesthetic.  That is, a preference for resonate, concrete image over abstract lyric declaration.  The poems should also be brief — perhaps not as brief  as Pound’s, but relatively short and spare.  Do not go over 25 lines.  Do. Not. Rhyme.  In the spirit of Pound’s little poem, this volume will also be short, chap-book lengthed.  So the real estate between the covers is very limited.  Elsewhere, I have posted something I call “The Fast Track To Rejection”; study it before submitting anything.

Suggested Reading.

Ezra Pound.  William Carlos Williams.  Mina Loy.  Michael Arnzen’s Gorelets.


25 Cents a line. 1 contributor copy of the final chapbook.

Submissions Procedures

Put your poem in the body of your email and send it to submissions@bandersnatchbooks.com.  Put the word “Pound” in the subject line.  This project will remain open until it’s filled.  However, 32 pages can go by rather quickly…..