This is going to be more of just a list — partially as a reminder to myself, for later purposes.  In no way is this a ranking or a definitive list.  And yes, I’m leaving Edgar Allen Poe out on purpose, too.  And this is largely freewritten, off the top of my head.  And, I don’t mean their entire career, either.

  • E.A. Robinon
  • Sylvia Plath
  • Anne Sexton
  • Frank Bidart
  • Sharon Olds
  • Wilfred Owen
  • Amy Gerstler
  • Stephen Dobyns
  • Thomas Lux
  • Aleksander Ristovic
  • Georg Trakl
  • Paul Celan (Without a doubt penned the be-all, end all of Halochaust poems, “Death Fugue”)

Poets of weirdness, and not in a Lovecraftian sense (And if I’m leaving out Poe, I’m leaving out Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, and George Sterling).

  • Russel Edson (well, DUH!)
  • Bill Knott (See what I said about Edson)
  • Charles Simic
  • James Tate
  • Amy Gerstler
  • Vasko Popa (I go back and forth on this, partly because his poems — as in the Charles Simic translations — are so deceptively simple)
  • Joel Brouwer (Centuries, at least)
  • Jonah Winter (His book Maine, at least)
  • Paul Guest
  • Pablo Neruda (but now, I get into what is Surreal, Vs. What is “weird” — so I hesitate on putting him here)

Imprecise at best.  And, there are tons I’m not thinking of, at the moment.  A harder list would be poets using science as metaphor.  And I’m afraid my ability with that list would end up being

  • Albert Goldbarth
  • Albert Goldbarth
  • Albert Goldbarth
  • Albert Goldbarth
  • (you get the point)