Here’s a banal cliche: technology is changing our world! Well, of course it is.  But, sometimes, I realize how much has actually changed.  After all, when I was in highschool back in the early 1990s, I took a typewriting class in a room full of electronic typewriters.  Those things are antique, now.  There’s also another thing, too.  As I wade into publishing, there are certain things about Print on Demand technology that’s changing my writing process.  It comes down to something simple, too, like hardcopy.

I used to generate A LOT of paper, and I hated doing it.  I hated printing work out, partly because the size of the paper.  Bringing a draft of a book, for example, with me anywhere usually inspired groans, partly because I ended up with an unweildy mess binderclipped together.  Add to the my ADD and inherent organization problems, and you have a disaster in the making, usually in my car, on my desk, or in the swirling vortex known has my home office upstairs.

Now, with POD, I can order a perfect bound paperback version of things, put a nice cover on it, and take it wherever I’m going without the mess.  It’s easier to organize drafts too, as you just plop it onto a book shelf — and that frees up file drawer space.   It’s just easier to work with, all around.