Making a good reuben, I like to assert is a delicate art. First of all, no one ingredient should outshine the other, with one exception. It’s a corned beef sandwhich, so if one is only tasting the Russian dressing or the sauerkraut — you might have problems. So, if the kruat is too boldly sour, or if the Russian dressing (thousand island, heh) is too sweet, then the sandwich classifies itself as a failure. This is why I don’t like the reubens one can easily get at Arby’s. The dressing, on occasion, can be far too sweet.

So, the new reuben at Applebees? My answer: meh. My sandwhich was tamed down, so it wasn’t a case of one ingredient overpowering the other. I thought the actual sandwhich could have used more corned beef, but that’s what you get at a corporate chain. Skimpy portions, and generic cuts. There’s a profound difference, in this regard, between this and Boar’s Head, or, even better, a mom-and-pop deli that cures it’s own meats. At least, however, it’s a couple steps above Arbies. And, of course, with Applebees everywhere, it’s convenient.