I am very much a sandwich person — by far, my favorite food.  I have many ambitions in life, and two of them includes finding the perfect Hot Pastrami and the perfect corned beef rueben.  Living in New Jersey, one would think that I would be in culinary heaven.  Well, maybe.  So, I decided to embark on an adventure.  Every workday I have off, and I have some pocket change to spare, I’m going to try a new deli in my quest for the perfect sandwich.

So, today I went to Yussi’s Deli and Takeout in Lakewood.    The deli is on one of the main streets in Lakewood, which means it shares the street with a few other Jewish establishments, as well as some Hispanic eateries.   The deli on the inside looked clean for the most part, with hardly much in the way of seating.   There was a display case of kosher salads and such, but the long and the short of it: hot pastrami on rye with mustard.

For a little over $10, I got the sandwhich it self, a pickle, cole slaw, some fries and a can of coke.  The fries were so, so — deep fried, crunchy, but essentially flavorless.  I didn’t eat the cole slaw and found the pickle passable.  As for the sandwhich, the pastrami was a little greasy and soaked into the rye halves.  The cuts themselves were good, and generally more flavorful than the Boar’s Head pastrami one can find in the supermarket.   Perhaps a little too heavy on the mustard, though.

Final rating:  would I return?  Quite possibly, but certainly not a perfect sandwich.