“Eaches” may have not stoked my imagination as “rocketcart” and “Ultra Gator” have, but making it a noun strikes me as very weird.    But then again, the world of retail is not like the contemporary world.  Every field from Psychology to English Lit and, yes, Porn has it’s own specialized language and jargon.  “Eaches” is retail-ese for a piece of inventory contained within a shipping box.  I’ve also seen the word “pieces” used in this variety, as in —

The PDQ is a display box within the package of lip gloss, containing 46 pieces.


The PDQ on the shelf contains 12 eaches of Shoptowels.

Basically, it’s taking an adjective and turning it into a noun.  Usually, if I’m doing inventory, I refuse to say or write “Eaches.”  It just sounds to weird, for me.