Way, way back a few months ago, I found myself slightly amused by the retail term “rocket cart.”  Ever since I received a promotion, I had to go through a bunch of new CBL (Computer Based Learning) modules, and I find myself out of the back room, more, into the wholly different world of the sales floor.  There, I’ve found wonderous new language to snicker at, like “Jerk Nuts,” “Boudreaux’s Butt Paste,” and “Meat Blast”  (and yes, those are all real retail products sold by Wal()Mart).  But, back to the more loonier side of my imagination, ala “rocket cart.”  I recently happened upon this snappy term:  ULTRA GATOR.

At first, my imination instantly goes to an aligator standing on it’s hind legs, with a UG monogramed cape on.  You know, a super hero of sorts.  The Uber-Gator among wimpy reptiles.  Or, there’s always this Lon Chaney Film:

aligatorAlso, it’s something a little more mundane… like the tags used to set off the anti-shop lifting equipment at the door.