One of the odder aspects, in terms of mega-chain retail culture, comes down to names.   When you work at a WalMart, your coworkers hardly ever know your last name.   Instead, you end up with a WalMart name that sounds closer to what you might find in a fantasy novel.   First of all, company policy requires that you wear a name tag at all times, but that tag never features your last name.  Instead, you’re given, informally, a “WalMart” last name that’s descriptive.  The Saturday Night Live equivelent, always reminded me of “Lothar, of the Hill People.”  So, whether being paged over the intercom, or talked about in conversation, my name becomes “Rich, from In-Stock” or “Rich of Receiving.”   the higher up the food chain, the more a title is stuck in front of your name, like “Support Manager Will” or “Assistant Manager So-in-so.”