Forget, for a moment, that Janrea Frank is one of my publishers.  I admire her, for a couple of reasons –namely that 1) she doesn’t suffer idiots kindly, and 2) if one picks a fight with her, she’ll go down swinging.  This was recently witnessed with some internet drama that seemed to crackle up out of nowhere.  Basically, if you follow the link to her blog in the previous post, it’s all there, on her blog.  As a fantasy writer with decades of experience, she’s used the word “Polymancer” on many occasions.  Some Johnny-come-lately then tries to shake her down, claiming trademark infringement.  Naturally, she swings back, hard — and her accuser has the gall to issue an E-Lawyer threat of “Slander and libel.”  (And, if anything qualfies one as a bonafide moron, it’s responding to things written about you on the internet with cries of “slander and libel.”  Of course, never mind that slander is a verbal, whereas libel is in writing).  Well, as it turns out, what could have been a very pestersome distraction, for her, resulted in a quick victory.  The guy threatening legal action folded abruptly, while issuing a blanket apology.