Haven’t blogged in quite awhile, both here and other places, partly because I’ve been working a lot, splitting time between teaching college classes and working inventory at a “friendly neighborhood WalMart” =/.  Also, in not so specific of an order:

  • A psychiatrist has diagnosed me with the adult version of ADHD.  I’ve likely had some variation of it for my entire life, which makes sense in terms 1) I have no organizational skills, 2) I’ve always had a hard time maintaining focus, and 3) I am the most forgetful person I know of.    These things have gotten progressively worse over the years.   So, now I’m on meds for it.  Hoping things get better; and now, with my sleeping problems under control, I’m hoping this is the last health obstactle I have left to overcome, besides quitting smoking, that is.
  • Getting used to medication is a physically wonky affair, even if the meds are relatively mild to ones other people take.   Basically, I could sleep at moments notice, but I’m not facing the levels of fatigue that sort of mentally crippled me a few years ago when my sleep apnea was out of control. 
  • Besides working, I have to finish proofing the PDF of my forthcoming Daverana anthology.  It’s different now then when I initially first put it together — back then, I was unemployed and had more than enough time.  Now, 32 hour a week job, plus college instruction, I’ve found myself sort of out of mental energy for such things (and hence, I’ve put it off all weekend).
  • It’s easier to play WarCraft, sometimes, then actually do things productively, especially if your brain is foggy after 8-9 hours of retail inventory work.
  • Ever since I stopped drinking beer, I’m not up as late in the evening.  I find myself needing to hit the sack earlier
  • I’m going to miss beer!
  • Half of my house got renovated recently.  The joy of that was being out of shower for a week and a half to two weeks.