Death In Common: Poems from Unlikely Victims
Actually, I’m looking at the PDF now, after a very, very busy and tiring weekend has come to close.  This is inching ever so much more closer to release.  I still have to read the rest of the PDF, but it’s looking good.

Wood Life: A Poem

Has a deal with Snuff Books.  I signed the contract and mailed it back yesterday.  Should see release later in the year.

Binge & Purge

Has a deal with Skullvines Press for 2010.  Double novelette chapbook, with both stories set in Bermuda.  Skullvines would like to make a series of Bermuda inspired fiction, I am told.

Unpublished Stuff

I need to get off my ass and send out queries for my Bermuda novel, The Estranged. As well as Belgian thing I just competed, but am having a hard time thinking up a good title for — needless to say, it features a teenager as a one-man death metal band.