I feel sorry for the guy.  To many, the GOP is the party of rich white males, southerners, and fundamentalist Christian evangelicals.  Sure, Republicans have tried to parade Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, and Michael Steele in an effort to window-dress themselves with a false sense of multi-culturalism.  That kind of makes sense, especially when you consider the implications of Obama’s victory last November.  It. Wasn’t. Even. Close.   So, one would think the GOP would wonder how they got out of step with voters.  They even make a few showy changes, like voting an African American into the RNC Chairmanship.  However, god forbid the guy actually try on following through and reaching out to women and minorities on issues they care about.  No, Limbaugh told Steele to come, sit, play fetch, and play dead.  For all of Steele’s talk of reaching out, broadening the scope of the GOP, the right wing pretty much slapped him around.  So, let’s be clear.  The Republican party hasn’t changed, despite having it’s ass handed to them in two elections, and it has no desire to change.  I bet Steele will dissapear, only to be replaced by another false national face, like Rudy Guilani.  If that’s the case, everybody will swoon over the ascension, until the photos of Guilani in drag reach critical mass.  So, to all those hardcore republicans out there: stop playing make beleive.   Elect Newt Gingrich or Tom Delay again.  You know you want to.