A few years ago, in my struggle with organization, I decided to get a Palm Pilot — the idea was have something that I could use as a datebook, organizer, and what not.  Even more, I wanted the ability to use spreadsheets, hoping to substitute the PDA for my adjunct instructor gradebook.  It worked well for about four weeks, and I grew sick of it all.    This was 2006, and I found myself carrying too many gadgets — an iPod, a cell phone, and a PDA.  For me and lack of organizational prowess (to put it mildly), means the less stuff I cart around with me, the less stuff I have to keep track of — ultimately, the less amount of stuff I lose.  That’s why I’m jazzed at my recent aquisition of a BlackBerry.  Those three gadgets, back in 2006, are now combined into one.   Ultimately, that’s also why I won’t be getting a Kindle (or any dedicated e-book reader) anytime soon.  Forget about finances for a moment.  Do I really want another gadget?  No.  So, unless a Kindle can also take phone calls, surf the internet, check my email, and more, I’m not interested.  I’m sure there’s a blackberry application out there for e-books.  In this day and age, multi-purposing technology is very user-friendly.  For me, it’s a sticking point.