Around 2002, right after Bush took office, I had a job/internship that met my career objectives, I was building my resume in publishing and teaching. In 2009, just days before Bush leaves office, I’m working at WalMart. To be clear, I’m not grossly simplifying my situation or blaming it on W. I’m simply pointing out that my professional life, the last 8 years has been a downward curve. I know a lot people who ended up in the same position/tragectory Bush supporters, however, have responded, over the years, to this collective career degradation with a sense of “Buck up, Pal! Things may be bad, but at least we’re not in a recession!” Well, now we are. To steal wording from Achebe, “Things Fall Apart.” And some of us have been living in this awkward space for quite awhile now. And, well, now I’m lucky to just have a job — never mind the whole sticky issue of “skill sets.” So, without an ounce of partisanship, I’d like to now say, BuhBYE! to W.

And I hope the door does, indeed, hit your ass on the way out.