Today, I spent a lot of time pointing a laser gun at things. Yeah, it’s sounds romantically golden era Sci-Fi, along with the title of this post. Rocket Carts? Are they the Go-Carts of the Jetson Future? A Go-cart with rockets on it? I wish. And what is a Telxon–Aliens from the planet Telx? Forgive me, but I feel goofy at the moment. Language is interesting that way, in that what sounds “neat” and “cool” on the surface is actually boringly mundane. This is what a Rocket Cart looks like:

In light industrial, warehouse, and retail settings, it’s a cart you load boxes on to, whether you’re picking an order, or moving merchandise from the back room to the sales floor — or, in the case of overstock, the reverse: sales floor to the back room. So, Elroy and Astro would be rather bored by it.

And they would be just as bored by a Telxon. That’s the laser gun I was referring to earlier. It’s a hand held computer that shoots out a laser that reads UPC Bar codes. It’s has a wireless connection to a database, and it can tell you invintory numbers, as well as the location and reorder status of certain retail products. It comes in many forms, but the one I used kind of looks like a PDA with a handle and trigger:

As lasers go, it’s more practical than a laser pointer, and as useful as the one that can make public toilets flush themselves. Again, nothing Elroy Jetson and Astro would get too excited about. But imagine this. You have a vivid imagination, and your stuck in 8 hours of retail hell. You hear Rocket Cart and Telxon a lot. It makes you ponder a bit about how cool a literal “Rocket Cart” would be, and thus, the shift moves by a little quicker.

Walter Mitty, eat your heart out.