Well, times of under employment are when I blog most. So these days, I’ve only been poking around Facebook. Working at Wal*Mart sometimes sucks the energy out of me, and it’s not the physical labor part of it. It’s the BS involved for a low wage — there’s a redundancy of managers, to the point where different bosses give you conflicting info and instructions, which means, no matter what you do, you piss off somebody. Even more frustrating are “The Lifers.” The people intent on climbing the corporate ladder from whatever Associate position they’re currently filling. Then, the lord their ambitions over other people. Employment politics are bad enough, but through in a corporate discount retailer, and you end up with situations that make internet flame wars look sane by comparison. I’m not going to go into much more detail about it at present, partly because yes, I work there, still (and in this economy, very much need that paltry sum of cash.)

And, the truth be told, it’s not THAT awful. I’ve worked warehouses in the past, and the great thing about that sort of grunt work is that if your busy, whether it’s order picking or stocking shelves, the time goes by very quickly.

But, now it’s late, and I don’t have the energy to write like I want to. I guess that’s the price to pay.

(And on second thought, I’m not going to write a long poem about serial stalking. If I write another book length poem, it’s going to be a Bizarro Epic entitled “Black Friday.” As for the subject matter, I’m not saying, though it should be obvious.)