Old Post from my other blog:

I remember sitting in a ski bar on the Austrian side of the Zugspitze; my brother and I were knocking back a couple of beers, and this God-awful disco/techno blared as people busted moves on the dance floor. When I say the song was awful, I mean it went on forever without end, and the lyrics consisted of “Yes Sir! I can boogie. Boogie woogie.” The girls singing this had an accent. Plus, the DJ that night must’ve had not a lot to choose from, because whenever the song finally ended, and my brother and I sighed a sigh of relief, it can blaring back within 6-9 minutes.

So, just because I’m posting this video doesn’t mean I like it. Suuurrrrrreee, someone says and rolls their eyes.   But, for reference purposes, the “group” is called Baccara, and the thought of Euro-disco will always make me cringe, but then again, it’s likely the sound track of a childhood in Europe during the 1970’s and 1980’s….