Many years ago, Ruth Lilly bequest an unfathomably large amount of money (100 Million, likely more) to the journal Poetry. Many wondered what the journal would do with all that money.  Basically, ensuring the longevity of the publication would hardly dent in such funding.  Well, a foundation has sprung up around the magazine to manage it’s now vast resource, and honestly, detailing all of what the Poetry Foundation does wouldn’t be manageable for a simple blog post.  What I can say, however, is that they’ve put together a very damn good website, one which I’ve now found myself wasting a lot of time on.   Among all the articles and features, there’s an archive of audio files of high profile poets reading their work.  But the thing I use the most there, however, is their archive tool. It allows a reader to search by topic, by movement, by historical era, and even by name, offering access to a broad array of people from Ron Silliman to Percy Shelley.