I just realized that my MFA thesis is publically available as a PDF download at the UNC-Wilington Library.  This causes me to groan a little, partly because I still have problems with it.  I don’t care for  it, and it’s something that I would not readily show off to people.

Here’s what happened.  During the second semester of my third and final year at UNCW, I lost my entire thesis when a glass of wine fell on my laptop.  I had no back up copies, and I had to rush around and find scraps of earlier drafts.  Some poems had to be recreated from memory, and so the result, in my mind, came out a little more rushed and a little less refined than I would have liked.  To me, the parts have no cohesion.  A framing device is missing.  And so on.

I’m not going to navel gaze my thesis here; I am, however, going to take public ownership of it.  Even if it weren’t publically available, I’m sure somebody could inter-library loan it if they ever had a pressing need to read it.  Why, of course, would be completely beyond me.  At any rate, should I ever lose my own copy due to computer malfunction, it’s at least comfortable to know there’s a digital copy out there, still.