I’m proud to say that the above graphic, for this blog, wasn’t stolen from anywhere, and as far as I know, makes it’s internet debut here.  It’s from a painting I have grown up with, as my family moved from country to country overseas.  It comes from The Philippines (where my older brother was born, and where my father earned his PhD, while also working on Clark Air Force Base), and I don’t know who the artist is/was.  I just know that it’s an image I’ve seen since childhood, on the walls of the many homes my family has occupied.  It’s been both comforting and disturbing for reasons that I can’t enumerate.   Many months ago, I found it in my parents attic.  They had run out of wall space, and chose not to display it anymore.  Now, it’s in my home, on indefinite loan.   Below is the painting in a fuller view, with the side slightly cropped ….